About HerdMASTER 4

Since the beginning of 2011 over eight hundred users have upgraded to the new HerdMASTER 4. It's been a massive undertaking and the HerdMASTER team has so far held over hundreds of courses to ensure a smooth transition and to get users up and running. Check here for the next course

HerdMASTER 4 has the following features:
●  A cleaner interface throughout. Loading new calves for e.g. is a lot easier as it uses mating's to achieve this ensuring that reproduction records are updated at the same time.
●  Ability to update itself from the webserver (no more CD's need to be sent as your version is now always updated). Producer requests are easily incorporated at the same time.
●  Days to Calving (DTC) recording forms a significant part of the upgrade.
●  Reports are easily changed on the fly. HerdMASTER has used a new, modern SQL database that allows reports to be created a lot easier. The new database is also a major improvement from the old database.
●  Lots of new functionality; for example Visual farm (downloaded from Google maps), new reports, inbreeding functionality in the matings option, updated crush side recorder, update to mobile version and a whole lot more.

The role of the cattle farmer has changed tremendously over the past decade.  Today the commercial bull buyer demands performance records. The famous American beef production specialist, Clifford Mitchell, recently wrote the following in one of America’s beef cattle magazines: “Working smart, trumps working hard. We simply have to have records. We need to know what each cow is doing for us. Treat them like employees and give them a yearly exam to decide if you want to keep them employed or not”.

With HerdMASTER it is easy.

The program has a complete inventory of all the animals on the farm. As a cattle farmer you have for the first time complete control over your record keeping. Other benefits of the herd management program is:

●  Keeps a complete data base of all the animals on your farm (stud as well as commercial)
●  Full time support
●  Integration with most electronic scales
●  Send all births and weights electronically to the Societies
●  Integrates fully with all systems (NSBA, RSA Societies and SA Studbook)


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